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Pontefract, UK's Glass Caves Continue To Inspire and Turn Heads on New Single "Swim"

Pontefract, UK's Glass Caves continue to enthrall and inspire listeners worldwide with their brand new single and accompanying music video for "Swim". The beautiful and stunning vocals of Matt Hallas will hypnotize you to continue listening, and not just look at his beautiful hair in which all members display equally exquisite flow in their locks. The song inspires you to look forward and take charge of your life as the members play in a blue tinted background designed to reflect the water, and also the band's mellow musical complexion and nature as a whole. I've been obsessed with these guys ever since they were first featured here a few months back, and I also had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Matt and drummer Elliott Fletcher where I fell even more attached to their incredibly thick British accents and overwhelming charm. U.K. acts have this uncanny ability to connect directly with the listener, and make them feel comfortable with who they are and take away any of their nervousness and anxiety, and be their companion of sorts to life as a whole, An immensely inspiring and beyond talented act that you should be listening to right now.

To check out the video for "Swim", head on over to YouTube here, and don't forget to 'Like' the band on Facebook from this spot here, and follow the band on Twitter at this perch here to see if they may be dropping by the States sometime soon.

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