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Surf Vietnam Is "Compelling At Times" On New Single", Set To Play PA's Lounge Ton

Boston indie sensations Surf Vietnam just released their brand new single "Compelling At Times", and they want you to check them out in concert later on tonight at PA's Lounge in Union Square, Somerville. The band haven't played a show in awhile, and it's definitely going to be a real treat to check them out if you're a veteran or are checking them out for the first time. The real magic in Surf Vietnam lies in their ability to evolve musically and not pigeonhole themselves into a genre they don't feel comfortable in. With this new single, the band are evolving from their Ben Folds style of rock into a more traditional Jack's Mannequin blend of piano rock which is more suited of where they are musically in their lives right now. They've been featured on the site numerous times of course, and I've had the opportunity to interview them as well where I've seen them evolve naturally into a tight knit outfit who have a strong, structured musical bond that knows how to evolve and not adhere to the status quo where they can sometimes venture outside of their comfort zone, and do things that are against the grain which is what great artists are expected to do. An immensely talented outfit that is well worth to check out live.

RSVP to tonight's show by clicking on the Facebook Event listing here and to check out "Compelling At Times" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp over here and for more on Surf Vietnam, please 'Like' them on Facebook here to stay in tune with all of the band's musical happenings.

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