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NYC Based Scarlet Sails Set To Hit Up ONCE Ballroom Tomorrow Night, 5/4

NYC based Scarlet Sails are setting their sights on Boston tomorrow night 5/4 when they stop by the ONCE Ballroom in Somerville for what is sure to be a memorable performance. The band have an orchestral pop influence mixed in with some indie rock influences embedded deep within, with a wealth of musical diversity at your disposal just waiting for you to fawn over. If you're not familiar with Scarlet Sails, it's the brainchild of drummer Brian Viglione, who has also spent time in Violent Femmes, The Dresden Dolls, and Nine Inch Nails to name a few where his creative ingenue has shined brightly, and is equally as immense on this brand new project also. It's great to see acts branch out and dive deep into their influences to give us something that is truly unique and original, and doesn't have any filler within whatsoever that allows the listener to grab the most important part of the music that is relevant to them, and create some sort of translation or correlation to their personal lives. A very intriguing act that is worthy of discovering for the first time.

For more info on tomorrow night's show, simply click on the Facebook Event listing here and while you're there, 'Like' them via this channel here, follow them on Twitter from this perch here, and visit their official website for more in depth info surrounding them right here.

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