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Boston's Own Cardinals Reveal Their Inner Beauty in "When I'm Gone" Acoustic Vid

Boston based pop-punk sensations Cardinals have released an acoustic video for their song "When I'm Gone". The clip presents the duo in an entirely different setting than they're accustomed to, and reveals parts of their innermost personalities that are just yearning to bubble up to the surface. You may remember the act under the name Tighticus Finch, and the duo says that changing their name reflects shifts going on in their personal life, plus realizing that the sound had evolved along with them made the decision to change the band name a no brainer. Seeing their video for the first time made me realize how truly special, unique, and talented they are. With the incredible vocals of Emily Ronna and the outstanding vocals of CJ Rarela, Cardinals are an act that you should definitely keep a watchful eye on in the coming year as they deliver a potent musical punch that really grasps out to you immediately, and speaks volumes about their ability to deliver an emotional spark that will allow you to resonate with this song and all of the other ones to come out following it.

For more on Cardinals, please 'Like' them on Facebook via this nest here and check out more of their music via their Bandcamp site conveniently located right here.


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