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Local Sensations The Solars Release Spectacular Music Vid For "Goddess In The Suburbs"

Local Boston indies The Solars have released their visually stunning music video for the song "Goddess In The Suburbs". The clip reads like a picture postcard, with stunning visual images to complement the mellow indie vibes permeating all the way throughout that adds for a visually pleasing stimuli that will transport you into a whole other dimension. What's amazing about the clip is its ability to transport you into an entirely different consciousness, one where you're taken away from the drudgery of your ordinary life, and into a world where the visuals tell the story and music plays the role of the narrator as it feels like you've been transported into the clip also. The Solars have been featured numerous times on the site before, and they have always impressed me with their ability to create incredible indie minded jams that are constructed upon a sound musical basis that really forces the listener to sit down intently and pay attention to the wondrous imagery that is bouncing right in front of them, allowing your eyes and ears to be opened up to the infinite possibilities the band have opened up right in front of you.

For more on The Solars, 'Like' them on Facebook over at this channel here, check out their official homepage at this spot here, and check out their music over on Spotify at this link conveniently located here.

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