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Boston Based Singer Songwriter Haley Katrin Releases Gritty New EP "Sugar Water"

Boston raised singer-songwriter Haley Katrin has just released her brand new EP just the other day called "Sugar Water". The 5-track collection is a shining example of unfiltered songwriting that doesn't hold back, and never wavers in its musical mission to let its message be transmitted directly to the audience where they'll receive it to the utmost degree. I was very impressed with Haley's skills from the outset, and she really demonstrates a musical confidence to let her personality shine through in her music so that the prospective listener can pick out traces and really get the full brunt of her musical power. It's great to see artists never relenting when it comes to letting their real personalities shine in their music. Sometimes, many musicians get mired in the sounds of their contemporaries and idols, and the message can sometimes be distorted to a degree where the listener can't discern or comprehend the message. Haley makes sure that her essence really shines through brightly within her music, and allows the listener to jump on board her musical train where there is a plethora of musical diversity abound. An extremely promising new artist that is worthy of taking a dive in.

For more on Haley Katrin, give her a 'Like' on Facebook conveniently located right over here, check out her official homepage for more in depth info here, and check out her new "Sugar Water" EP now available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp conveniently located here.

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