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Boston Dreamboats Today Junior Set To Jam w/ Black Beach and Others @ Mid East Upstairs on 7/7

Boston indie-psych rockers Today Junior are gearing up for a mammoth local show taking place on July 7th at Mid East Upstairs along with the likes of Steep Leans, Black Beach, and Spirit Ghost. The band have been hitting the pavement hard the last few years, bringing their insatiable blend of psych rock influences melded within a creative melting pot that speaks to mind about the sheer musical talent and wisdom so elquently put on display. With the creative wisdom of brothers Mike and Harry O'Toole, plus Anthony Ambrose bringing the groove on bass, this group offers up an addictive musical blend that has just been gaining steam the last few years, and shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Going back to when I first saw them at the now defunct Copperfield's 5 years ago, I instantaneously knew something was special with these guys, and were on the cusp of achieving their musical dreams and desires that has led them to creative avenues never deemed possible. With the release of their new EP "Leaving Easy", the band has fully realized its musical mission dreamed up long ago, and have emerged as a collective clearly seeing what lays ahead for them down the road.

For more info on Today Junior, 'Like' them on Facebook via this perch here, check out their official homepage at this spot here, and have a listen to their latest EP "Leaving Easy" now available on iTunes, Spotify, and a plethora of other digital streaming music outlets.

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