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Local Favs Bellwire Are "Dreamin" On New Single, Announce Solo Tour w/ Jake McKelvie

Photo Credit: Tara Newman

Boston based collective Bellwire has just released their brand new single this past Thursday titled "Dreamin'". The brainchild of Tyler Burdwood, Bellwire have been crafting their own artistic and creative vision for some time now, and has now transformed into a solo outlet for Tyler whose musical presence is all the more realistic and beautiful the moment you instantly hit 'Play'. There is something magical and poetic the moment you hear Tyler sing, with his simply structured acoustic melodies and introspective vocal abilities working their magic with such fluidity and precision that it's almost like clockwork. Bellwire have been featured on the site a couple of times before, and I marveled at how they had their own musical identity and path that spoke volumes about their place within the local music scene, and also showed hints at where their music was headed moving forward. It's clear just from the first few musical notes that Tyler is well on his way to achieving grand and long lasting success with this outlet. A marvelous song that is worthy of checking out for a test spin.

To check out "Dreamin'" for yourself, it's available for streaming and free download on their Bandcamp site over here, and for more on Bellwire please 'Like' them on Facebook conveniently located over here, and Tyler will also be out on tour all summer so for a full list of tour dates please stop off here for the complete itinerary.

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