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That One Eyed Kid Returning To Boston on 6/27 For Thunder Road Release Show

Originally hailing from St. Louis but calling Boston his home is the ingenious That One Eyed Kid, who will be returning to Boston next Tue. 6/27 for his release show taking place at Thunder Road in Somerville. With his original name being Josh Friedman, you may remember Josh from his time in the pop/rock outfit The Fates who maintained a strong following here over the years and were featured here on the site many years ago as well. Since stepping out on his own with this new outlet, Josh has become a figurehead for his unique blend of alternative pop that melds together some electronic influences as well to balance out the harmonic bliss that is omnipresent at every which way you turn. I've been a fan of Josh's from the very beginning, and he's been nothing but the exemplary gentlemen whenever I talk to him after a show, and definitely represents everything about the relentless and creative drive that is present in every musician, and is the textbook example of how a musician should approach perfecting their art each and every time. An immense talent that is worthy of delving into head on.

For more info on next week's show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on That One Eyed Kid, give him a 'Like' here and visit his official homepage over here for more in depth info surrounding him. Check out his new EP "Crash and Burn" now available on most digital streaming platforms.

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