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NYC Positive Minded Rockers Light Warriors Enthrall Listeners at Recent Sofar Sounds Performance

NYC based reggae infused rockers Light Warriors are beginning to carve a name out for themselves with their recent Sofar Sounds performance in NYC just a couple of weeks ago. The group have a relaxing, overwhelmingly positive vibe to them with hints of reggae spread all throughout that hints at the band's deep musical roots that transcend genres, and seek to bring out the positivity within the band and with everyone that comes in contact with them as well. Frontman Erik Rabasca recently was freed from the shackles of the working world to devote all of his time to this musical project that he deeply believes in, and is on the cusp of achieving something special with his music that is manifesting itself well through the confines of the Big Apple. Another highlight of the group is the incendiary drum skills of Alex Kaufman, whose meticulous and polished drum style takes the group to extraordinary new heights and suits the band well as their musical bond begins to take shape. I thoroughly enjoyed these guys from first listen, and they definitely have a promising musical future that should take them well out of the confines of their NYC surroundings. An act you should definitely keep a watchful eye on in the near future.

To check out their Sofar Sounds performance, it's available on YouTube right over here and for more on Light Warriors please 'Like' them on Facebook at your convenience here, follow them on Twitter here, and check out their latest album "Raise The Frequency" on their Bandcamp page at this spot over here. Check out more from Sofar Sounds NYC on their website conveniently located over here.

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