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Toronto's Own Wild Rivers Gearing Up For ONCE Ballroom Show in Somerville on 7/10

From our neighbors to the north in Toronto comes the indie popsters of Wild Rivers, who will be stopping by locally at ONCE Ballroom in Somerville on 7/10. The band are touring behind their fabulous new single "Do Right", that evokes the band's indie pop sensibilities quite well and gives the curious listener an idea of what they're all about. I was floored the moment I first heard them, and they seemed to have a strong musical connection of where their foundation lies and on what path their musical journey will take them. It doesn't take too much convincing to see that this band is going to make it, and how bonded they are through their mutual love for music, and their ability to have the same brain waves when it comes to composing these tracks that evokes beauty, charm, and sophistication to the highest degree. An absolutely impressive act that is most certainly worthy of a listen.

For more on Wild Rivers, please 'Like' them on Facebook via this channel here, follow them on Twitter over here, and check out their official website here for more in depth info on the band, including links to stream their music.

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