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Local Country Folksters The Novel Ideas Set To Play Cafe 939 Tomorrow Night 9/7

Boston's native country folksters The Novel Ideas are set to play a big show tomorrow night at Cafe 939 right on Boylston St. near Berklee College of Music. The band is gearing up for the release of their brand new, self-titled album that will be released this Friday that takes the band's pure and unadulterated folk rhythms to a whole new level of greatness. The band has been featured on the site numerous times before, and the group gets more profoundly beautiful each and every time with a great deal of emotional depth and clarity that makes the music that much more profound and emotionally effective for the listener. Not many country folk acts are present in the Beantown area, but The Novel Ideas bring out a potent dose of intense lyricism and beautiful melodies that really bring everyone together to bear witness to this musical beauty blossoming right in front of you. If you haven't seen them live, please do yourself a favor and check them out in concert as they will most certainly leave a lasting impression on you that you'll be talking about for some time.

For more on tomorrow's show and to buy tickets, head on over to the event page at Berklee's website over here and for more on The Novel Ideas, please 'Like' them on Facebook conveniently located here, follow them on Twitter right here, and visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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