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Sheffield, UK's Bayonet "Just Want You" on New Single

Photo Credit: Shaun Baldwin Photography

From across the pond in Sheffield, UK comes the "button bright indie-pop" as It's All Indie put it so ably from Bayonet and their brand new single "Just Want You". The band hits new waves of excellence with this downtempo number that goes in a markedly different direction than the band exuded on their previous singles released earlier this year. Hitting at a different musical angle shows the steps the lads are willing to take to further their sound, and make themselves known to even more people from all over. The main thing I grabbed right off the bat from listening to their new single is how beautiful and emotionally effective these guys are in making the listener feel appreciated and loved from the start. Having that sort of affection emanate directly from the band makes the listener think that the group is singing directly to them, and makes appreciate them on a whole different plateau that most other acts would dream of. What really sets Vince, Lewis, Danny, and Sam apart other than the fact that they're exceptionally talented, they're extremely good looking creatures who have that visual appeal that will make the listener feel drawn to them in a more profound way. A brilliant new single that sets you into the mood of Fall right away.

To check out Bayonet's new single, it's available on most streaming platforms and for more on the lovely lads, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale here, and check out their official website from this perch here for even more info on them.

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