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Norfolk, VA's Ian Randall Thornton Wants To "See You Through" In New Vid

Norfolk, VA based singer-songwriter Ian Randall Thornton dazzles and enlightens listeners in his brand new video for the song "See You Through". The clip shows the unbridled spirit and enthusiasm of our youth with kids frolicking about in the streets walking or moseying about, riding their bicycles, and enjoying the undying spirit of being a child and exploring the world right in the palm of your hand. I really loved the honest and unflinching honesty in this clip as it gives a pure spirit of our youth as it once was, narrated through Ian's beautiful and poetic musical majesty that gets all the more complex and beautiful as the song progresses. Having this kind of visual storytelling coupled with the music acting as a backdrop, makes us appreciate the gift of music that much more and acts as a documentary of our lives as we look back at once was, where we've come from, and what we're doing with our lives right now as we speak. An immensely satisfying video that is worthy of viewing in full.

For more on Ian Randall Thornton, please 'Like' him on Facebook from this channel here, and visit his official website at this junction here for more in depth info surrounding him, including links to stream his music.

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