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Discover Rutland, VT Heavy Metalers Crypitus

Get to know Rutland, VT based Crypitus in my exclusive interview with them! The guys have an abrasive, unflinching heavy metal sound with a no nonsense attitude that leaves heavy metalers coming back for more each and every time. While I'm not a massive heavy metal fan, there is definitely something to appreciate about the members' individual personalities that leaves plenty to be desired, and really sprouts a fascination and subtle attraction to the group. Here is my chat with the guys:

Give us your names and roles in the band?

Pete: I'm Pete, I play guitar.

Zach: Hi I'm Zach "Patches". I hit drums with sticks.

Joe: I'm Joe and I play bass.

Doug: I'm Doug I play guitar and do vocals for Crypitus.

Take us behind the formation of the group and how you all met?

Pete: Doug and I jammed together on some of his songs and decided to find a drummer. Zach was a friends of friends on Facebook and we clicked the first time we jammed with him.

Zach: I was desperately searching the internet for musicians to play music with and Pete was the first to respond with Doug in tow.

Joe: My friend introduced me and they needed a bassist.

Doug: I met Pete at a few shows a few years back. We ended up living and picked up on a few of my riffs one thing lead to another and we are all here now.

Describe your musical influences that really made you want to get into music?

Pete: Growing up, my mom listened to a lot of Beatles and my dad listened to Motown. There was always some sort of music stuck in my head all the time.

Zach: Between the Buried and Me's Colors changed my life forever, the first time I heard it. I really can't explain myself more.

Joe: Metallica, Primus, System of a down and a bunch of classical music

Doug: I binge listened to every Megadeth song in chronological order once. After that I was a goner.

What were some influential British groups that really helped shape or hone your sound?

Pete: Zeppelin, Motörhead, Maiden, Sithu Aye.

Zach: Ill love Zepplin and Sabbath and Maiden forever, but as for my sound.... Sithu Aye is from Scotland, but I can't say I know where most of my main influences hail from.

Joe: Judas Priest, Zepplin, Iron Maiden.

Doug: Black fuckin Sabbath unholy father of all metal.

What is the creative process like for you guys, does it remain constant or does it change and evolve each time?

Pete: I'd say it's pretty varied. Some songs Doug's had around for years and we're still building on them. Some we have riffs we mess around with that end up becoming songs.

Zach: My creative process is constantly evolving. Most of our material was already written when I hopped on this wagon, and I just had to put my percussion in, but we're exploding with new ideas.

Joe: My process stays about the same, mostly I just try to play what sounds good and stuff.

Doug: The creative process is organic, just like it should be.

Let's go behind the recording of your new album Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World and what the whole process was like for the each of you?

Pete: Recording takes a LOT of playing the same thing over and over. I don't think I could forget those riffs if I tried. We recorded at our drummers house for the most part. That's our practice space anyway so setting up mics wasn't too hard. Our good friend and sound tech, Doug Norford, would come over and set up his sound board and we'd track out the drums, then the rhythm guitars, then the vocals or lead guitars.

Zach: It really wasn't that bad. I went into the sound room, played a couple songs, try hard not to fuck up and I was done. The hardest part is waiting for everyone else. Ha!

Doug: God, it was my first time recording and I think every time we did the vocals I was sick with something gallons water and throat coat tea. Also soloing for three hours till I got the perfect track was interesting too hahahaha.

What are some of your favorite places to play in the UK area?

Pete: We haven't played in the U.K. yet but we hope to soon! Anywhere would be awesome.

Doug: It'd be a dream to play for our fans in the UK.

Any new bands or new songs you've been listening to lately that you've been really digging?

Pete: Intervals and Plini always blow my mind. Sithu Aye just came out with the Noticing, that's some tasty riffage.

Zach: I've really gotten into instrumental prog metal recently... Plini, Sithu Aye, Chronologist, Arch Echo. There's a lot of em.

Joe: I hear cool new stuff everyday. Too bad I rarely remember the names.

Doug: I recently came across a New England band called Unflesh, very very sick death metal!!

What's next on the agenda for you guys, and could we expect any U.S. shows in the not too distant future?

Pete: We have shows in October and November all across the New England area of the northeastern US. Plus, our demo's gonna be dropping sometime in the next month.

Zach: Our agenda looks like a lot of shows and any other way we can find to get our music and enthusiasm to the rest of the world.

Joe: We have shows in October and November, not sure what other plans yet.

Doug: September: Demo release


10/7/17 Rutland VT

10/14/17 Revere MA

10/21/17 Plattsburgh NY


11/16/17 Worcester MA


12/8/17 Portland ME

Lastly, what would you like fans to know about you?

Zach: Hi my name is Zach and I play drums. I play drums hard. Joe: I'm pretty awesome.

Doug: I want to let all my fans know, I'm coming to melt your faces, every single last one.

For more on the wild and crazy guys in Crypitus, please 'Like' them on Facebook from over here, and visit their official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding the fellas.

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