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SF Based RIVVRS Carving A Path To The Mid East Upstairs on 10/20

From the City by the Bay comes the indie influenced vibe of RIVVRS, who will be stopping by The Mid East Upstairs on October 20th with The National Parks. Originally going by the name of Brandon Zahursky, he has a deep, poignant singer-songwriter blend but with a twist of emotional depth and clarity that helps you sort out whatever you have going on in your life right now. I was floored from the first note I heard RIVVRS, and he has a strong grasp and firm control of who he is as a musician, and what image he wants to convey to his audience. There's definitely something special firmly embedded within the musical foundation and makeup within RIVVRS, and it's most certainly worth your while to experience this burgeoning magic in person to get the full impact of his emotional power that will have an otherworldly effect on you that will go on well on after you leave the concert. Alongside The National Parks who have been featured before on the site a few years back, you'll definitely have a full plate of music to whet your appetite.

For more on RIVVRS, give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale over here, and check out his official homepage here for more in depth info surrounding him, including links to stream his music as well.

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