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London Based Callaghan Set To Play Sonia on 11/2 w/ Jesse Terry

From across the pond in London comes the warm, soothing singer-songwriter vibe of Callaghan, who will be performing alongside Jesse Terry at Sonia in Cambridge on 11/2. Callaghan has lived in the U.S. since 2010, where she has performed alongside the likes of Shawn Mullins to name a few, and has really blossomed into a powerful and booming talent who has a real knack for keeping the song in perspective for the average listener. I was blown away from her talent right from the start, and she really has a powerful voice to keep the audience's attention and not let them drift too far off from the path. When you first encounter her music, it's as if she's taking you away from your current surroundings and transporting you into a place of sheer beauty and wonder that you can't help but to embrace upon first listen. It's most certainly worth your while to clear some space in your calendar to check out Callaghan as she is most definitely worth the price of admission.

For more info on this Thursday's show and to buy tickets, head on over to the TicketWeb site over here and for more on Callaghan, 'Like' her on Facebook via this channel here and check out her music located on a plethora of streaming music outlets also.

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