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Tacoma, WA's Hail The Pilot Have You Going "In Circles" On New Single

Tacoma, WA's own Hail The Pilot have just put out their serene and edgy single titled "In Circles". The indie quartet may ring a bell for a few of you out there, as they draw in some early 90's influences that are adapted into a more modern sound that is refreshing and inviting. What sets them apart from the other acts out there is their willingness to experiment and go outside of the box when it comes to getting their musical message across. The gents have a more advanced sound than any other band I've come across, and they know how to keep the listener occupied with a bevy of different sounds that will draw a connection to the listener from something that they listened to before in the past. Hail The Pilot are one of those special bands that have that extra hidden spark to keep your attention throughout, but have a balanced musical pedigree that can appease listeners from a host of different genres. An immensely satisfying track that is most certainly worth your time.

To take a listen to "In Circles", it's available for listening on Soundcloud over here and for more on Hail The Pilot, 'Like' them on Facebook from this location here, and check out their official website over here for more in depth info surrounding the guys.

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