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Canadian Raised Scott Helman Releases New Single "Ripple Effect", Set for 6/2 Show @ Cafe

Canadian based Scott Helman is starting to turn heads and ears with his brand new single and video titled "Ripple Effect". Scott has a smooth, echoing voice that transcends boundaries, and really makes you appreciate the depth of his talent right away. What is so remarkable about Scott is his youth, clocking in at 21 years old and already well on his way of achieving greater fame far beyond the confines of his Canadian surroundings. I was more than impressed with Scott's abilities, and he really has an innate way of making the listener feel like part of the act, and making them feel like that they're the focal point of the song and the subject that Scott is singing about. That's a very unique and special trait, and is a feat that most artists seek to unlock the magic and beauty of. Scott has done simply that and is poised to accomplish even more in his short career so far. An amazing talent that is refreshing and just what we need in this day of age.

You can check out "Ripple Effect" on most streaming providers, and for more on Scott Helman please 'Like' him on Facebook from over here, and check out his official homepage at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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