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NYC Indies Exit Daze Head "Back To The City" On New Single

NYC based indie rockers Exit Daze have just released their brand new single titled "Back To The City". The track is a low key, eerie affair coupled with the talents of Nick Tesoriero whose vocals are straight incndeidiary and provide the backdrop for the rest of the track to follow. The brilliant melodies, vocals, and instrumentation all work well hand in hand with one another, and pickup on each others' creative energy to provide for a track that is equal parts thrilling and mellow at the same time. I loved the carefree, easy going vibe of the track that is definitely not what I expected, but I enjoyed the approach that Nick and the guys took to get there. A fantastic track that is a dark horse contender for some prime real estate in your summer playlist for sure.

To check out "Back To The City" for yourself, it's available for streaming on most digital providers, and for more on Exit Daze, please 'Like' them on Facebook from over here, and check out more of their music via their Soundcloud page conveniently located right here.

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