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TX/CA Based Norphlet Releases "Brand New" Single From Debut EP

With roots in both Texas and California, Norphlet have released their "Brand New" single from their self-titled debut EP released back in May. The duo consists of Cody on guitars and vocals, and Taylor on drums and together they form one unique and powerful musical bond that is forged from their shared love of music. Their style is reared within the alternative realm, but with a more in depth focus and an indie mindset that makes them that much more musically attractive from an aesthetic perspective. I really found their music to be mesmerizing as it had many different twists and turns to it that really makes the listener put more energy into listening, and finding their way with it. Norphlet definitely have staying power, and you can see the blossoming friendship and musical brotherhood blossoming between the two that will last for eternity. An incredible young act that is worthy of dipping your toes into for the first time.

To check their debut EP in its entirety, it's available for streaming on their Bandcamp site over here and for more on Norphlet, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale right here, and peep their Instagram feed at this spot here to catch more of their handsome mugs.

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