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NH Bred Sofia Lee Davis Releases New EP "Can't Go Back To Georgia"

New Hampshire born and raised Sofia Lee Davis has just released her brand new EP titled "Can't Go Back To Georgia". The country artist has been gaining steam on local radio over on The Bull 101.7 with her refreshing and innovative sound turning heads and ears almost immediately. Her captivating presence puts listeners on notice immediately, and showcases her longing for home and being in your comfort zone where you feel you can thrive and excel at your own pace. I was impressed with her skill set, and her musical diversity that showcases her range and multifaceted musical personality that has a vibrant spark that resonates all throughout. I've become more open and receptive to country music as of late, mostly because of its ability to incorporate influences from other genres, and balance it out of the existing framework to create something that is unique, powerful, and really grabs your attention from the outset. A tremendous talent that is worthy of exploring in full.

For more on Sofia Lee Davis, please 'Like' her on Facebook from this locale here, and visit her official homepage over here for more in depth info surrounding her. Please check out her EP "Can't Go Back To Georgia" now available on most digital streaming platforms.

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