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Premier League 2018/19 Music Playlist

With the new 2018/19 Premier League fixtures kicking off this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to have music accompany this exciting event with my special playlist geared towards football fans. No matter which club you support, Premier League football has a rabid support overseas in the U.K., and has reached similar levels here in the U.S. with fans supporting a wide range of clubs. I'm a supporter of Chelsea, and I've been blown away at the whole concept of watching football on a Saturday morning, seeing fans gather early at bars, drinking a pint all while watching their favorite club play. I've made it my mission to watch a Chelsea match every week, and gather at the local watering hole in town to bond with other Chelsea fans who all have an undying devotion to their team. With that in mind, here is my playlist to get you ready for the new season:

Echo & The Bunnymen - Seven Seas

George Ezra - Shotgun

James Bay - In My Head

Florence + The Machine - Sky Full of Song

Welshly Arms - Sanctuary

Vance Joy - Take Your Time

Barns Courtney - Champion

Jose Gonzalez - Step Out

Blossoms - I Can't Stand It

Richard Ashcroft - This Is How It Feels

Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight

Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Based Hotel & Casino

Muse - Something Human

Slaves - Chokehold

The Kooks - Four Leaf Clover

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