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Tulsa, OK's Wilderado Set Their Course For Brighton Music Hall Next Tue. 10/23

Tulsa, OK based indie quartet Wilderado will be stopping by the Boston area next Tuesday 10/23 when they take on the Brighton Music Hall. The band are making waves with the recent release of their latest EP "Favors" that highlights the band's creative ingenue that is expanding right now at this very moment. I found something very comforting with the gentlemen, and they really have a knack for making the listener feel at ease, and become comfortable with both their music and the band members themselves. There's something very comforting with having a band helping you discover inner parts of your soul that you never knew existed, and this helps in forming a long lasting bond and friendship with the group through their music. They're definitely well on their way to expanding their reach, and there is no other city to break out big in than Boston so definitely make it your mission to check these guys out in concert and give them a warm welcome!

For more info on Wilderado, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this junction here, and check out their official website at this spot here for more in depth info regarding the gents.

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