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Astoria/Queens Based Matt Sucich Set To Perform @ Cafe 939 Tonight 10/26

With roots both in Astoria and Queens in New York, Matt Sucich is getting ready to hone his talents in the Boston area when he graces the stage at Cafe 939 tonight 10/26, just steps away from Berklee School of Music. Matt is a phenomenal singer-songwriter who has a real knack for making the audience the central focal point of his music, and the emotional base as well. You really begin to develop an impression on Matt right from the first note, as he professes his desires to those listening in the wings and discovering his music for the first time. His music is largely based in the singer-songwriter realm, but it has hints of Americana that sets him apart from some of his contemporaries out there to give a little creative spark. I was stunned at hearing Matt for the first time, and really think that he's on the cusp of achieving something special and this may be the only time you'll get to see and hear Matt at a small venue like this before he inevitably reaches the big time. A stunning talent that is worthy of kicking off your weekend.

For more on Matt Sucich, please 'Like' him on Facebook via this channel here, follow his adventures on Twitter from this spot here, peep his Instagram feed over here, and check out his official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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