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Boston Post-Punk/Synth Outfit Oddysseys Exhibiting Signs of "Odd Behavior" on New LP

Boston based post-punk/synth collective Oddysseys are making a big splash with the release of their brand new album this past Friday titled "Odd Behavior". The four-piece consists of Christian Treon, Paul DiRico, Josh Corbin, and Mark Pangilinan. The group's sound is a dark, bleak mixture that is intriguing and mystifying when you first take a listen, as the band's uses a combination of creative musical measures to keep the audience's attention span at bay here. I was really impressed with what I heard from the fellas, and they seem to be making a deep impact when it comes to wowing the listeners. While the band's sound doesn't have flashy melodies or catchy hooks, the band's creative resolve will definitely come into play when creating your impression on this local group, which is blossoming into something very special. An intriguing group that is well worth of taking a deeper listen to.

To take a listen to "Odd Behavior", it's now available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Oddysseys, please 'Like' them on Facebook here, get some candid shots of the group on Instagram here, and check out more of their music on Bandcamp conveniently located here.

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