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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Henry McIntyre Releases Title Track Off Upcoming LP "Box on The

Boston based singer-songwriter Henry McIntyre has just released his brand new single called "Box on The Ear", the title track off Henry's upcoming LP slated for release on May 24. The song is a hauntingly beautiful ballad with stunning musical progressions, and Henry's impeccable vocals running shivers throughout your entire bones the minute you first hear it. I was entranced by Henry's music when I first heard it, and that's not something that happens to me regularly when hearing similar artists within his genre. What Henry does special is take in the sounds and general aura of the environment around him, and translate it in a way where the listener feels like they're in a room with Henry at the same exact moment he's playing this tune. It's that general wish of being a fly on the wall just hearing, seeing, and feeling we hope can be replicated, and listening to Henry's new song accomplishes just that and is definitely an experience that you won't soon forget. A stunning track that you'll definitely want to keep notice of.

To take a listen to "Box on The Ear", it's now available on most major streaming providers and for more on Henry McIntyre, please 'Like' him on Facebook over here, check out his pics on Instagram right here, and check out his official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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