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Wild Sun Frontman Glenn Thomas Releases Debut Solo Single "The Longest Alibi You've Ever He

Glenn Thomas, frontman for the RI based alt rock outfit Wild Sun has released his debut solo single earlier last month titled, "The Longest Alibi You've Ever Heard". The song is an easy-going, pleasant sounding track with thoughtful musical progressions that showcase Glenn's musical psyche that reveals his true inner self and musical nature. I was really impressed with Glenn's debut solo track, as I was intimately familiar with his work in Wild Sun which is very similar to Glenn's work. It's that musical symmetry that makes Glenn such an inviting and captivating musical presence that you'll definitely be enthralled even if you never heard of him before. Glenn has since relocated to Nashville and has made that his home base, but his New England roots haven't left him and run deep as he provides that hometown comfort that will resonate with you strongly as you listen to this track.

To check out "The Longest Alibi You've Ever Heard" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming providers and for more on Glenn Thomas, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, see his pics on Instagram at this spot here, and visit his official website over here for more in depth info regarding him.

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