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Looking Back at 10 Years of MusicBoxPete and Looking Ahead...

It's hard to believe that today marks 10 years since I first embarked on this journey called MusicBoxPete, and it has most certainly changed my life for the better. Never had I imagined that this music blog would become a big part of my life and introduce me to so many talented bands, many of whom I've become close friends with.

What started out as MusicBoxPete was merely just a platform for me to do album reviews. From there, I realized that I could do so much more with the building site that I had, and decided to expand my repertoire and do interviews with local artists, show previews, single features, and later a weekly podcast and a Facebook Live video feature. From there, word of mouth spread around about my site and it became apparent that there was a need for my site and it was worth doing. While I've made a minimal amount of money doing the site over the years, the amount of connections I've made over that time totally make this site worth doing.

You may remember that I took a brief hiatus from doing the site in November 2017. I look back on that decision as a mistake because it was done with haste, and I failed to realize just how much of an impact my site had on countless Boston area acts and bands from outside the region looking to gain notice. I've continued and always will be a faithful follower and dedicated to cover the Boston music scene as I see it. While some prominent Boston area venues have closed over the years and some bands that I personally know have disbanded or moved away, it's still a thrill to get out on a random weekend night and check out an awesome concert happening around town.

It's hard to pick out what has been the singular, greatest moment over the course of doing the site, but I can tell you that 2019 was the best year in the history of doing this site. The reason I say that is because I fully began to realize what the site meant to so many people, and how important it was for up and coming artists in the Boston area and beyond to gain notice and recognition. Also, the amount and depth of talent coming from musicians at such a young age is awe inspiring to say the least. There have been many musicians that I've become close friends with over the years that are practically like family to me. I won't name every single band that I know, but amongst some of the bands and artists that I've become exceptionally close with include Today Junior, BoyMeetsWorld, As It Is, Boston Manor, Troy Cartwright, Tyler Legare, and Henry McIntyre.

I personally want to thank you, all of my loyal readers and followers for supporting the site over the course of the last decade. All of the love you have shown me over the years means more than I will ever know, and am so thankful to be surrounded by such insanely talented and dedicated people in my life. Definitely looking forward to the next 10 years of MusicBoxPete...and beyond!

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