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2021 Bands of Summer Issue #1

With the heatwave in full force and enveloping much of the country, it also means the return of MusicBoxPete's annual Bands of Summer shirtless photo special. A great way to see a different side of musicians we don't get to see that often as they let loose and have fun, and just soak in the attention. For this year's special, we have a local Boston entry from site mainstay Jason Ebbs, up and coming pop/R&B artist Parker Polhill, and with the 4th of July weekend here and The Olympics coming up, a honorable mention for the Team USA men's gymnastics team. And without further ado, here it is:

Jason Ebbs

Kicking things off with a local entry from Medfield based singer-songwriter Jason Ebbs. Jason has a flare for injecting summertime enthusiasm throughout his music, most notably with his singles "Not Even Over" and his latest one "Clementine" that shows his warm weather yearning vibes and unrelenting enthusiasm that is starting to drive in scores of fans. Jason's magnetic draw and appeal is quite evident in this pic that shows him basking in the warmth by the beach, comfortable in his own chill zone and ready to soak it all in. Jason has such a fun loving personality that will make anyone want to set up shop and hang out with him on the beach.

Parker Polhill

A smoldering entry coming in from Cali based pop/R&B singer Parker Polhill. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Parker has a natural talent for dimming the lights down low, and bringing about a slow burning sound that allows you to kick back and enjoy being in his musical company. He also likes keeping in shape as evidenced from the steamy pic you see above. Parker definitely knows how to keep the listener satisfied and coming back from more, and he will definitely be getting loads of more fans with this steamy pic that has the ability to set the Internet ablaze.

Joe Hertler

Continuing on with an entry from Joe Hertler, part of the Michigan based funk-rock outfit Joe Hertler and The Rainbow Seekers. Definitely a band that should be on your radar, the crew create delectable sounds transposed upon a stage performance that has the band wear outrageous and colorful outfits that match the mood of their music. One thing we don't get to see is them with less clothes on, and Joe provided for some enjoyable entertainment when he went topless while hosting an Audiotree performance featuring The Front Bottoms a few years back. This pic definitely gets the motors running and makes jaws drop and eyes pop out of their socket, and shows what an incredibly charming and attractive individual Joe is, and who also knows to give audience members what they want.

Zack Merrick (bassist of All Time Low)

Continuing to melt faces with this stunning pic from Zack Merrick, bassist for the Baltimore based pop-punk outfit All Time Low. The band have been making fans scream for years, with their incendiary and youthful sound exciting the masses, and making fans latch onto every word and musical note that they put out. Zack has a tendency to take his shirt off too during most performances, where he likes to remind audience members that he works out and you can definitely see that he's been taking great care of his body with this ridiculous pic. A guy that definitely knows how to make girls scream with delight, and also may make some men question their sexuality also.

Team USA Men's Gymnastics Team

(L to R: Shane Wiskus, Yul Moldauer, Brody Malone, and Sam Mikulak)

Rounding things off appropriately with the 4th of July weekend coming up featuring an entry from the Team USA Men's Gymnastics Team. With the summer Olympics coming up in less than a month over in Tokyo, all of the teams have been putting in extra work to get their bodies in shape and make sure that they're in top playing shape by the time the Olympics come around. No team has worked harder than the men's gymnastics team, and they released this steamy nugget just last week ahead of the games featuring all of the members shirtless and showing off the goods. If there's any sport that is going to get a massive boost in viewership ratings, it's going to be the men's gymnastics team for sure who are unashamed and unapologetic when it comes to showing off and delighting the crowd.

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