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2024 Bands of Summer Vol. 1

Summer is officially here, and what better time to ring it in than with MusicBoxPete's Bands of Summer shirtless photo special! A time honored tradition here on the site which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Each year the special gets bigger and better, and this year is no exception with a crop of brand new artists eager and willing to show off a different side of them that we never thought we'd ever see. It's also a fun way to let loose and showcase a different aside of the artists' personality that will give them a much needed boost. This year's edition features Gabriel Goes of Backset whom you may remember as a contestant on The Voice this past season, Jeddy McAvoy from the Cali based surf rock outfit Donna Drive, Harry Miree drummer for country artist HARDY, locally based artist Ryan Flynn, plus a special entry from the Northeastern Huskies club lacrosse team. And without further ado, here are this year's entries:

Gabriel Goes (Backset)

Photo Credit: Jake Shirakata

Kicking off this year's special with Gabriel Goes, frontman for the Hawaii based rock outfit Backset. You may have seen him on TV before as a contestant on The Voice this past season, with his beautiful, sun-soaked vibe soaking up positive vibes and bringing in a whole new audience in the process. One thing you may notice about him with being a surfer and all is his frequent appearances on stage and off with no shirt on just like the one you see above. He has a charming and free spirited personality that he exudes immensely, and you are guaranteed to have a frolicking good time if you ever see him live in person delivering the goods.

Jeddy McAvoy (Donna Drive)

Continuing with the surf rock theme with Jeddy McAvoy, guitarist of the Carlsbad, CA based surf rock outfit Donna Drive. I had the chance to interview the fellas for my podcast last year, and they were tremendous dudes with a passion for music, the beach, surfing, and communicating with as many humans as possible. Their shows are always a raucous good time that usually always winds up with all of the members shirtless on stage at one point or another, especially with this pic of Jeddy above from one of their recent shows. He's a good looking fella with a spirit as warm as the California sun that you'll find some solace with.

Joe Schlise (Roulette)

Continuing on with an entry from Joe Schlise, drummer of the Milwaukee based outfit formerly known as Roulette. I had the chance of interviewing the fellas last summer for my podcast, and they have a grunge based sound with tightly wound rhythms and a laser sharp focus that keeps their attention squarely focused at hand, delivering a quality show for their audience. The high temperatures at their shows cause the shirts to be discarded, as evidenced by this pic above with Joe drenched in a pool of sweat while delivering a furious blast on the drums. They give it their all each and every time in their new band The Id, and it'd be worth your while to discover them at some point down the road.

Harry Miree (HARDY)

Soldiering on with a scorching entry from Harry Miree, drummer for the country artist HARDY. Harry is very well known in the drumming circles as a preeminent expert in the field of drumming, with his high energy movements and his energy expenditure off the charts whenever you see him playing that has garnered him notice from music lovers near and far. Harry is always without a shirt whenever he plays, as you can see from this pic taken above from a sold out show at Fenway Park right here in Boston. His energy and essence can't be contained, and all you can do is just stand there and watch and see his talents unfold right in front of you.

Pan Arcadia

Photo Credit: Tommy Krause

Coming in hot with a steamy entry from NYC newbie indie rockers Pan Arcadia. The guys have a eclectic, energetic live set that demands audience inolvement, and always provides for ample entertainment for all who come out in droves to see them each and every time. The boys also know how to let loose and have fun each and every time, and they certainly did just that in this fun and revealing photoshoot that sees the fellas strip down to their underwear. They certainly are basking in the glow of the spotlight much like they do on stage, and they're just eating up all the attention and welcome all the eyes and adoration that is sure to come their way.

Ryan Flynn

Coming in with some local flavor courtesy of Ryan Flynn, a Boston based singer-songwriter. You may remember him from his previous band many years ago called Red Star Super Giant and performing under the name Ryan Jennings and had the pleasure of interviewing as well. Now he's using his given name, and has been performing various shows near and far throughout the city and in some local warm weather locales eager to get his sound out to a wider reaching audience. Ryan is definitely soaking up the sun in this photo here after a show down in the Cape last year. He is a fun loving and good looking fella who certainly knows how to bring in the masses, and gives it his all each and every time.

Northeastern Huskies Men's Lacrosse Team

Rounding things out with a special notable mention who appeared on last year's edition, the Northeastern Univesity Huskies Men's Lacrosse team. The guys have had a rousing round of success last year, that continued this year with them winning their division for the second year in a row but unfortunately falling short of their goal and got bounced in the first round of the playoffs. They work hard, and also certainly play hard as it sees the guys continuing their tradition of taking their shirts off as a team for making the playoffs in this photo you see above. The guys are certainly not shy about showing off to the world, and it shows how much preparation they put in to get themselves where they are right now.

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