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Allston Based Today Junior Whisper "Sweet Little Nothings" In Your Ear on New Single

Allston's own Today Junior are back with their brand new single out this past Friday called "Sweet Little Nothings". The song features the band's trademark indie-surf rock vibe mixed in with a hint of psychedelia that makes the band such an explosive force right out of the gate, and one that has defined the scene here in Boston for some time. They're fronted by Harry O'Toole on guitar/vocals and his brother Mike on drums, along with their newest member Hannah on bass. I was impressed with the band's new song as it embraces the sound that they've displayed on their previous records, but with a more elevated frame of mind that allows the band to hone their talents without sacrificing the quality of the music. Mike and Harry have become my musical brothers over the years, and I've had especially deep conversations with both of them about the state of music and where things are headed. If their sound is any indication, these boys will hold down the fort here in Boston quite comfortably as they have for the last few years.

You can check out "Sweet Little Nothings" now on your favorite streaming provider and for more on Today Junior, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and stay up to date on upcoming shows and assorted pics via their Instagram feed conveniently located at this spot here.

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