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Bands of Summer: Sports Edition

With September getting underway and the feel of fall settling in, an all new edition of MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Summer" shirtless photo special is back, this time with a special sports-centric focused edition to close out the summer. As you know, most editions are primarily focused on showcasing a different side of musicians along with a notable non-musical entry most often a sports star or other media figure. One thing that I've always wanted to do was to do an all sports edition and with the Olympics have just wrapped up, I thought it would be a good idea to show a couple of stars from the event including skateboarder Heimana Reynolds and gymnast Shane Wiskus. I was always inspired to do the "Bands of Summer" photo special largely from the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, so I thought this special edition would be a good homage to that. Other sports stars on deck include USA Men's National Team soccer phenom Christian Pulisic and snowboarder Mikey Ciccarelli. And with much anticipation, here are the athletes featured for this special issue:

Heimana Reynolds

Kicking off our issue in grand style is pro skateboarder Heimana Reynolds. Originally from Honolulu, Heimana has burning up the Dew Tour scene for the last few years with his jaw dropping moves, gravity defying jumps, and totally rad turns proudly displayed in mid-air. One thing that has become Heimana's trademark while skateboarding is often competing shirtless which he's said in interviews comes from being a surfer, and he feels more comfortable and free showing off for the crowd while competing. Heimana looks effortlessly beautiful with his buff physique, dreamy eyes, and rock hard abs that will make anyone fall head over heels for the outstandingly talented and gorgeous human.

Jagger Eaton

Another pro skateboarder who made big waves this year in the Olympics is Heimana's best friend Jagger Eaton. Jagger put the world on notice with his nifty tricks, rad turns, and his Airpod wearing, music loving persona that delighted fans in the Tokyo Summer Olympics which earned him a bronze medal in the Men's Street Final as skateboarding made its official debut as an Olympic sport. Another of Jagger's attributes is his ripped physique that is proudly put on display before you, along with his beautiful hair that is definitely aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and makes him that much more admirable to his already growing legion of fans.

Shane Wiskus

Continuing on with the Olympics theme with Minnesota based gymnast Shane Wiskus. Shane has been burning up the scene with Team USA Men's Gymnastics, and made a strong impression in Tokyo this past summer with his dazzling skills on the balance beam and impeccable talent for keeping on his toes at all times while performing gravity defying twists and turns that will make everyone stand up and applaud. One of Shane's most prominent characteristics is his extraordinary physique and keeping in shape at all times which he displays to perfection above. While women's gymnastics is clearly the more popular sport at the moment, Shane wants to put more eyeballs on the men's side and show their talents and sheer beauty eloquently put on display.

Christian Pulisic and Tammy Abraham

One pic sure to heat things up is this one from USAMNT soccer phenom Christian Pulisic and Tammy Abraham training with their club Chelsea FC. Christian has become the face of American soccer recently with his club victory over Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, and his part in the USAMNT winning the CONCACAF down in Mexico. With the unbearable heatwave engulfing the USA this summer and parts of the U.K. also, Christian and his teammate Tammy shed their kits and proudly showed off their ripped torsos to the crowd that makes you appreciate them that much more for their sheer beauty and god given talent. While Tammy has since joined AC Milan, this pic definitely lives on and shows the true pinnacle of human perfection at its finest.

Mikey Ciccarelli

Another hot entry coming in from Canadian based snowboarder Mikey Ciccarelli. Mikey has been carving out a name for himself with his dizzying stunts and incredible prowess out on the slopes that has made Mikey a must watch talent who knows how to keep himself in motion at all times. One thing Mikey sure knows how to do is have fun also, and this pic shows Mikey with both suns out and nips out in below freezing temperatures. Mikey definitely knows to give his followers a good laugh and is unashamed to show some skin that shows his pedigree as a hearty and proud Canadian.

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