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Bangor, ME's Milk Street Bring Their Blend of Emo Rock To Mid East Upstairs This Friday 9/15

Bangor, ME based emo collective Milk Street have got their sights set on the Boston area this Fri. 9/15 when they grace the stage at the Mid East Upstairs in Cambridge. It's part of their tour to celebrate the release of their sophomore album "Vermont" that came out a couple of weeks ago. Their music has a folky twist to it, blended in with the preexisting emo melodies surrounding within to give their music some serious flare and makes the guys stand out prominently from the first note. The band consists of Jonah Wakefield on lead vocals and guitar, Harry Burns on drums, and Gabriel Chambers on bass. I was really drawn to the guys right from the start as they have this innate, goofy musical chemistry and charm that worked wonders for me, and they have a strong musical kinship that works so well together and when you check them out in concert, you'll most certainly be fawning over them and every single note they put out. A tremendous act that is most certainly worthy of your love and attention.

For more info on Friday's show and to buy tickets head on over this handy link right here and for more on Milk Street, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here, give them a follow on Twitter over here, see their gorgeous pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their Linktree over here for even more content from the fellas.

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