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Beantown's Own Addison Clapp Takes You On "A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard" on Debut Album

Hailing from Boston comes the atmospheric pop sounds of Addison Clapp, who has revealed his debut album to the world today titled "A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard". The album is an undeniably infectious effort, with high energy pop rhythms and Addison's smooth, melodic voice running rampant all the way throughout to make the whole effort a sonic paradise that you won't be able to escape from. I was truly blown away by Addison's talents right from the start, and he really seems to have California on his mind literally as Los Angeles was one of the last places he got to visit before the pandemic shut everything down. You can see his love for the West Coast proudly put on display here, as well as his fun loving personality that will make anyone want to magnetically attract themselves to his vicinity. I was really impressed with Addison's abilities right away, and he has clearly demonstrated that he has staying power that will serve us all well once we're all vaccinated and ready to get outdoors and resume normalcy as soon as possible. A highly recommended, escapist effort that will be guaranteed to put a smile on your face right away.

To check out "A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard" for yourself, it's up on all major streaming services and for more on Addison Clapp, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and seek him out on Instagram as well.

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