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Boston Based DJ Bean Releases Introspective Debut EP "Vineyard Nights"

Boston's own DJ Bean released his brand new EP this past Friday titled "Vineyard Nights". The innovative and refreshing effort has a notable distinction with three different compositions all titled "Vineyard Nights" that really blows your mind when you first listen to it. The first track is a reflective and introspective piece that makes you crave and long for summer nostalgia that has long gone by, with magical rhythms and DJ's mellow voice weaving its way through your consciousness immediately upon impact. Track 2 is a more mellow, laid back feel with the musical lights dimmed low to give a more cozy and romantic feel that really blows your mind and makes you appreciate DJ's talents and creative ingenue that much more. The last track provides for a sense of finality that wraps up the 3 song arc of sorts with a high energy, bombastic track that takes in elements from all of the other songs that were heard previously, and juxtaposes it on a musical canvas for us to marvel over. I thought it was genius to have 3 distinctly different songs all have the same title, and really makes DJ stand out from a musical perspective. An incredible talent who has much more to offer everyone down the road.

To check out "Vineyard Nights" for yourself, it's available on most major streaming platforms, as well as on Bandcamp over here. For more on DJ Bean, please give him a follow on Twitter over here, and follow his travels on Instagram at this spot right here.

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