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Boston Based Jason Ebbs Is "Not Even Over" On Latest Single Out Today

Boston based Jason Ebbs is back with a vengeance on his brand new single out today called "Not Even Over". The song is an explosive, melodic paradise with Jason's warm, inviting voice grabbing a hold of you and reeling you in to the magical soundscapes and positive-laced melodies located at every turn. Jason is no stranger to the site having been featured multiple times over, most notably with his prior effort "Superego". What I always appreciate about Jason is his ability to change it up every time, and not going through the motions of what was already accomplished musically before. On this track, he's able to transform into a star of his own doing and design, and craft himself into a hallmark brand name of sorts that will have fans knowing what to expect when they check out his music. Jason is an incredibly talented and charming individual who knows how to grab the listener's attention and make them part of his inner circle. A stunning track that you'll be hearing multiple times over and not get sick over one bit.

To check out "Not Even Over" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming outlets and on Bandcamp right here. For more on Jason Ebbs, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook located here, and see his beautiful face on Instagram at this junction here.

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