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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Aaron Bear Is Teaching Listeners Some Life "Lessons" on New Single

Photo Credit: Matthew Collamer

Boston based singer-songwriter Aaron Bear released his brand new single just yesterday to the public titled "Lessons". The song is a snapshot inside Aaron's musical psyche, and allows listeners to become intimately familiar with his sound and become more comfortable and accustomed with what his underlying musical message is to his listeners. I was very impressed with what I heard from Aaron upon first listen, and he really seems to have a firm handle on the type of music that he wants to convey to his audience. He has a lovely way of putting the song in perspective for the crowd, and I didn't have to dig too deep looking for meaning as everything was all right there in front of me. With the weather getting colder, Aaron's music provides for that direct feeling of solitude and comfort as we yearn to hold those close to us even deeper, and Aaron's music provides for that feeling of longing. A terrific track that provides for the perfect soundtrack and backdrop to your everyday life.

You can check out "Lessons" now streaming on all major music services and for more on Aaron Bear, give him a 'Like' on Facebook via this locale here, follow him on Instagram at this perch here, and please visit his official website at this junction here for more in depth info surrounding him, including shows coming to an area near you sometime soon.

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