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Boston Based Singer-Songwriter Katie Dobbins Releases New Single "Starlights"

Boston based singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins has released her latest single just a couple of weeks ago titled "Starlights". It's the second song that she's self-produced under the comfort of her own home studio appropriately titled 'The Starlight Recording Studio'. She says that the song is her way of saying thank you to the community that she found in the virtual realm during the pandemic, and serves as a way to motivate people as they ease their way back to normalcy. Katie has been featured on the site previously, and she has a bare bones, no frills attitude with your music with serene acoustic guitar melodies and a warm, billowing voice that fits in together with all of the surrounding instrumentation like a fine puzzle piece. I was immediately captivated by her sound from the first note, and she definitely has that ability to make you pay attention to every note she sings that is guaranteed to pull you out of the doldrums, and experience everything that life has to offer you. An amazing talent that is definitely worthy of you experiencing for the first time.

To check out "Starlights" for yourself, it's available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Katie Dobbins, seek her out on Facebook, check out her pics on Instagram, and please visit her official website for more in depth surrounding her, including upcoming shows and much more.

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