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Boston Based WL Hazelton Releases Debut Solo EP "Buddha's Piano"

Boston based WL Hazelton has unearthed his debut solo release to the world titled "Buddha's Piano". You may remember Lincoln from his prior band Dirt Naps that were featured numerous times before here on the site, and Lincoln has since decided to step out on his own with this new endeavor. The sound is a huge departure from his aforementioned group, and has a very easy going indie leaning along with a very unique lyrical style that only Lincoln can put out, and really allows listeners to fall in love with his easy going demeanor. I was really enthralled with Lincoln's solo effort from first listen, and he has a very rugged exterior that comes across very elegantly in his music, neatly arranged on a silver platter for everyone to have a curious glance as they mosey on by. Lincoln is a tremendous talent and beautiful soul who has a gift to share that is filled with love that everyone can use during this challenging time.

To check out "Buddha's Piano" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp right over here.

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