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Boston Indie Collective Bird Language Get "Apoplectic" on New Single Out Today

Photo Credit: Pat Piasecki

From right here in Boston comes the delightful indie vibe of Bird Language, who have unleashed their latest single to the world today titled "Apoplectic". The song is a mellow, relaxing tune with calming indie melodies omnipresent at every turn that puts you into the right frame of mind almost immediately with pungent drums and a fervent virtuosity that will keep you in check right away. The band consists of Andrew Doherty on guitar, Michael Nashawaty on drums, Jeff Nicolai on vocals, keys, & piano, Pat Piasecki on bass, and Neil Simmons on guitar. I was very pleased with what I heard from Bird Language, and they have a certain charm to them that you'll find some comfort with as winter continues to unleash its wrath on the city. What these guys do best is to take us away from our surroundings, and transport us into a world where we can leave all our worries behind, and just focus on the things that matter most to us in our lives as these guys navigate the soundtrack to our lives. A marvelous new track that acts as the perfect musical distraction as we move forward.

You can check out "Apoplectic" now streaming on all major music platforms and for more on Bird Language, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here, follow them on Twitter over here, and check out their pics on Instagram at this locale here.

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