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Boston Indie Newbies Faxi Moto Go "Underwater" On Debut Single

Boston indie newcomers Faxi Moto have arrived into the stratosphere with the release of their debut single out today titled "Underwater". The group consists of Kyle Maldjian on vocals and guitar, Anne Marie Green on vocals and bass, Max Williams on guitar, Enric Adillon on synth, and Alejandro Hervella on drums. The song is a serene, dream laden paradise with majestic soundscapes present at every turn that makes you appreciate the beauty of the group right from the start. Anne Marie's powerful vocals grab your attention and command your attention with thought provoking precision and a rapturous presence that will leave you spellbound and grabbing onto every note. I was impressed by Faxi Moto right from the start, and they have a real knack for making the audience part of the act and a member of their own family with such a close knit bond that is evident when they play live. I got the opportunity to spend some time with them recently for an upcoming episode of my podcast, and it's apparent at how much they truly enjoy playing together and always know how to let loose and have fun during their live sets, which sometimes results in Kyle performing with his shirt off that is well worth the price of admission alone. An amazing local act is that is starting to gain some traction and is due to pick up speed at this moment.

To check out "Underwater" for yourself, it's available for streaming on all major service providers and for more on Faxi Moto, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this junction here, see their beautiful faces and Kyle's blisteringly beautiful red hair on Instagram over here, and please visit their official website conveniently located right here for more in depth info surrounding the group.

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