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Boston Indie Sensations Juniper Are Beginning To "(Come To My) Senses" on New Single

Boston based indie trio Juniper have released their latest musical odyssey just a couple of weeks ago titled "(Come To My) Senses". Their latest little sonic nugget is a full and dynamic representation of who they are as musicians, and really begins to present the band as a full fledged outfit whom are talented beyond imagination. The group consists of Scott Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, Alejandro Marin on drums, and David Sessions on guitar. The guys are no stranger to the site and are practically family to me over the years. The last time I chatted with them on my podcast back in February, I was blown away by their dedication to their craft and the newfound music sensibilities that came to them naturally over time. It left me spellbound at about what could be from these guys down the road. Now the result is right before your eyes and ears, just waiting to be adored by listeners from near and wide who are eager to experience firsthand what these guys have been cooking up. An outstanding track from a truly special band.

You can listen to "(Come To My) Senses" now streaming on all major providers and for more on Juniper, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right here, follow them on Twitter over here, and see their pics on Instagram at this spot here as well as more in depth info surrounding them, including upcoming show dates before the summer ends.

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