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Boston/Phoenix Based Canyons and Locusts Go Anti V-Day on New Single “Love Goes Down The Drain"

Emanating from Boston and Phoenix comes the dynamic noise-rock vibe of Canyons and Locusts, who have released their brand new single the other day titled “Love Goes Down The Drain”. The song is a fast paced, no punches thrown tune that shows the band letting their emotions run wild in a heart wrenching tune that doesn’t hold anything back. It could best be described as an anti Valentine’s Day romp with a punk twist, and that’s a pretty good sentiment if you’re looking for some kind of semblance with a special someone out there. If two people can come together in defiance of another Hallmark holiday, then that’s all that matters out there in this world. The song clocks in at 1:44 and leaves alot out there and it makes you wish the song was longer, but this band is unconventional and doesn’t abide by any norms or anything like that and definitely walk to the beat of a different drum that will allow you to appreciate their musical message embedded deep within. A terrific track that deserves a once-over from all around.

You can check out “Love Goes Down The Drain” now up on all major streaming music services and for more on Canyons and Locusts, give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook located over here, and catch more on the duo via their Instagram feed over here for all the latest updates, including shows popping up in the Boston area hopefully very soon.

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