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Boston Raised Emma Frances Gets Into The "Caverns of Youth" on Debut EP

Emanating from Boston but currently residing in sunny San Diego, CA comes the wondorous singer-songwriter talents of Emma Frances, who released her debut EP to the world just last week titled "Caverns of Youth". Her infectious energy and soothing talents come through vividly in her music, and she has a honest sincerity to her sound that you can't find from anyone else out there today with a raw, unadulterated sound that reflects her optimistic and free spirtied Cali vibe. The album was originally recorded in her home studio of Harvard, MA and her sound echoes the old school singer-songwriter sensibilities of Carole King and Carly Simon with a voice that will make you shake with delight and calm you down at the same time. I found her voice to be particularly soothing, and her voice can do so much and traverse through her acoustic guitar with remarkable aplomb and ease that really makes you appreciate her talents right there and then. There's almost nothing that she can't do, and she's only just begun digging her toes in the musical sand that is constantly evolving right now as we speak. A remarkable and outstanding talent that is worthy of unearthing.

You can check out "Caverns of Youth" now up on all major streaming providers and on Bandcamp right here and for more on Emma Frances, give her a 'Like' on Facebook right over here, see her pics and vids on Instagram at this spot here, and check out her official website at this perch here for all up to date info on her, including possible show dates coming your way this summer.

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