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Boston's Own Carissa Johnson Releases Brand New Acoustic EP "L'Heure Bleue, After Dark"

Boston based singer-songwriter Carissa Johnson has released her brand new acoustic EP to the masses today titled "L'Heure Bleue, After Dark". It's an acoustic re imagining of her EP "Blue Hour" which came out a couple of years ago. The dynamic and versatile singer has been drawing raves for her electric live performances, and unbelievable work ethic that has made her a grinder and non stop tour de force capable of achieving anything that she sets her mind to. I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing her for my podcast a few years back, and seeing her perform at Summit Indie Fest a few years ago was a mind blowing experience that saw her performing on top one of the bookcases at The Book and Bar that wowed the crowd gathered there in attendance. I'm a huge believer of Carissa and the way she throws everything she's got into her music, along with a strong willed backing band by her side, there's no stopping Carissa from accomplishing her musical mission.

You can check out "L'Heure Bleue, After Dark" now streaming on your favorite music provider and for more on Carissa Johnson, please give her a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale over here, follow her on Twitter right here, see her concert pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit her official website at this perch here for more in depth info surrounding her, including some upcoming shows coming your way this summer.

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