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Boston's Own Jason Ebbs Is Trying Not To Come "Undone" on Latest Single Out Today

Photo Credit: Audrey Ensor

Boston based singer-songwriter Jason Ebbs is back to usher in the warm weather, and bring the masses back in on his latest single released to the world today titled "Undone". The song brings back the warm, serene synth vibes that we've heard from his past work, but this time hits deeper lyrically and uncovers a different facet of Jason that we haven't had the opportunity to experience before. This song is about longing for a special someone that you know you can't have, and the 80's like atmosphere with the aforementioned synth wave coupled with the outstanding drums and guitars set the tone for the song to follow. I was very impressed with Jason's ability to add depth and character to this song that showcases his skills as a singer-songwriter who knows what his audience is, and how to stay in tune with their passions and feelings about their lives and the world around them. I'm very fortunate to be close friends with Jason, and I know what he adds to the mix and the positive and upbeat effect he has on myself and countless fans all around. A sneaky good track that will gradually build up on you over time.

To check out "Undone" for yourself, it's out now on all major streaming outlets and for more on Jason Ebbs, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook via this channel here, follow him on Twitter from this locale over here, and see his eye catching pics on Instagram at this spot here, where you can also get up to the minute show info and news as well.

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