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Boston's Own Lindsay Masterson Reveals Her True Self on New Single "No One Told Me"

Born in New Jersey but based right here in Boston comes the singer-songwriter vibes of Lindsay Masterson, who has released her brand new single today titled "No One Told Me". The song has a jazz-like vibe to it complete with a neat little piano melody that coalesces well with Lindsay's elegant and beautiful voice that coos easily and allows the song to coast along and do it's own thing. I wasn't familiar with Lindsay's music at all, so it was refreshing and a breath of fresh air to hear something that's a little different than the traditional singer-songwriter fare that is omnipresent today. What Lindsay does differently is bring to the audience her own unique musical brand and identity that many people will resonate with, and take to heart almost immediately. Her music is especially needed as the winter weather takes ahold of us, and is an aurally stunning track that you need to experience firsthand right now.

You can check out "No One Told Me" now available on all major streaming platforms and for more on Lindsay Masterson, seek her out on Instagram conveniently located at this junction over here.

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