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Boston's Own Mark Walsh Releases New Collab w/ Phat Hosea "The One"

Boston based singer-songwriter Mark Walsh has unleashed upon the world his brand new song out to the masses today called "The One". Produced in conjunction with Phat Hosea, whom he also collaborated with on his prior single "Time Zone", finds the immensely talented performer in comfortable and realistic territory with hip hop styled backbeats melding in perfectly like butter with Mark's acoustic backdrop that morphs into a full fledged head bopper that sets things in motion almost immediately. I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing Mark for my podcast a couple of years ago, and I was blown away at how meticulous he is with his craft, and spends every waking minute paying extreme attention to detail and getting things down to precision, and making sure that every note and lyric is on point. It's having that strong willed mindset and work ethic that is going to set him apart from the other performers out there, and I'm blessed to be close friends with him attending multiple Northeastern hockey games over the years. Mark is putting the whole city of Boston on notice with this one, and it's time for everyone to put everything down and hear what he has to say. An absolute barn burner of a track that needs to be heard now.

You can check out "The One" now streaming on all major music services and for more on Mark Walsh, please check out his Instagram feed conveniently located here for all up to date info on him, including upcoming shows to the Boston area popping up relatively soon.

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