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Boston's Own Paper Tigers Release Explosive Debut Album "Charmer" Out Today

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hu

Boston based alt-rock outfit Paper Tigers have released their eerie and ominous debut album put out to the world today titled "Charmer". The song has timed and explosive rock melodies that will hit you like a ton of bricks the moment the album starts, and the budding energy exponentially builds until a giant musical catharsis unfolds right before you that you won't be able to ignore. The fellas have had quite a summer, with a high profile spot on the In Between Days festival where I was a first hand witness to the sheer power of this local band's musical might that continues to evolve and blow everyone's mind. Some highlights from the effort include "Sandcastle" and "Prodigal Son", but there's a little something for everyone on this album and it will continue to reinforce the notion that Paper Tigers are the best local band currently out there today, and they're just getting started.

You can find "Charmer" now available on all major music streaming apps and for more on Paper Tigers, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here, follow the guys on Twitter over here, see their pics on Instagram at this spot here, and please visit their official website over here for more in depth info surrounding them, including possible show dates happening before the end of the year.

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